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  • Analysis and Comparative study of various types of brokerage

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Analysis and Comparative study of various types of brokerage on 6/28/2017 10:20:00 AM

Detailed analysis and Comparative study of various types of brokerage firms and trading accounts available in India:- Basically, we have the following three categories of brokerage firms currently available:-1. Banking Firms, 2. NBFC Brokerage Firms,3. Discounted Brokerage Firms. Like ICICIDirect, AxisDirect, SBI, HDFC etc. These are the most reliable as they are directly owned by large banks and hence can be trusted.Main benefit is if you have your bank account also in the same bank, the money transfer is quite seamless and easy.

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Financial Wellbeing Camps is a joint initiative of Professional Financial Advisors, Financial Services Industry & Network FP (Financial Planners Network of India) to organize a series of Financial Wellbeing Camps across Mumbai & Pune region reaching out to thousands of Investors/Consumers.

The initiative is further supported by NISM (National Institute for Securities Markets) an Education Initiative of SEBI (Securities Exchange Board of India).

During the FW Camps, we as a fraternity aim to reach out to consumers, educate them on achieving financial well-being, help them get started with basic tasks to manage their personal finances better, guide them towards long term wealth creation and fulfilment of life's financial goals & dreams.

The 2 hour program will be free of cost to organizations and participants as the campaign costs are being funded by Investor Awareness Program Funds of Mutual Fund Companies as per the mandate given by government regulatory body SEBI.

Kindly find attached a information packet explaining all the details of Financial Wellbeing Camps and how you can host a Camp at your Workplace or corporate place Do avail of this opportunity and help us to reach out to employees and people around you. Looking forward to hear from you.

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