How many services is currently your organization offering

What is the time horizon and the number of calls status for each product?

By which mode I will receive your calls?

We provide calls through SMS

What is the procedure to subscribe?

You can subscribe to our services via our website from the below URL http://www.finappleideas.com/subscribe or you can transfer the money in any of our bank accounts and need to inform the same to us at 020-_____________

How you accept payment?

We accept payment by cheque, DD, netbanking or direct bank transfers.

How much accuracy can I expect?

We believe in delivering high standards to our clients when it comes to accuracy. Though we deliver high accuracy, we have been able to maintain accuracy of above 75%

What is the guarantee that a person will make profit on your advice?

We don’t guarantee anything, but we help you to maximize your profits with maintaining proper stop losses so that you don’t end up risking your capital

How to work on our messages?

As soon as you receive our call, act upon it so that you can enter the call at our recommended levels. If the message reaches after achieving the target then do not work on it. See that you are in the Mobile network Area and also keep the inbox clear and keep check on your spam folders as well. Sometimes the movement in the scrip may be volatile, hence do not panic and follow the guidance given by our analysts. We would rather recommend online trading than offline wherein it avoids hassle of calling the brokers to place your trades.

Is there any provision of refund of money in cases of loss?

We provide all calls with well analyzed Stop Loss. So in most of the cases, you will not end up making loss. However, money paid is not refundable in any case.

Do you suggest when can I book profit or exit?

Yes, we provide complete follow-ups for all our calls to book partial and full profits when the targets are achieved & also we send timely exit for the calls if they have hit the stop loss levels. If any of the given call is showing rangebound movement and neither has achieved target or hit stop loss, for such calls we send discard call, message to our clients.

You send two targets in a script so what should I do when the first target is achieved? Should I book profit or wait for the next target?

It entirely depends on the investors, what targets they have in mind and at what target they want to book profits, but our approach is that once the first target is achieved you should book the profit. High risk investors can wait for the second target.