About us


'An Apple a day keeps a doctor away', similarly with finapple, we give you ideas and services that will keep you financially fit. Finapple Ideas is offering range of India's first 'Financial Well-being products and services' that meets various customer needs such as Investor Well-being, Trader Well-being, Networth Well-being.

finappleideas.com's mission is to spread financial well being by imparting financial market and personal financial literacy thereby empowering our clients to accomplish financial and personal goals. finapple's professional team has a wealth of experience of over 5 decades, domain expertise, technology capabilities and mature processes to deliver the right and 100% unbiased recommendations on Indian stock markets. We offer recommendations based on fundamental analysis and technical studies (delivery, intraday, positional, futures and options) and Networth Well-being services to help you accomplish personal financial goals.

Our Vision

To be a well respected financial advisory company and a key catalyst for the financial Well-being of people

Our Mission

To provide the right slices of well-being products and services to suit various customers needs- Investor Well-being, Trader Well-being, Networth Well-being

Our Goals

  • Create the right awareness and educate the value of money
  • Impart the right knowledge on investment opportunities and personal finance
  • Guide you with unbiased advisory and provide the right Slices of finapple
  • Empower you with the right tools and technologies to smartly manage money and make money work for you through smarter investments for Long term Wealth Creation

Why finappleideas?

So why one more advisor…Well we are just not another stock tips or stock picks advisor,claiming to crack the Indian Stock Market code or provide you with quick money making tricks. Finappleideas was created out of extensive experience in financial services to help you stay financially fit with finapple’s unique slices as part of your financial diet. finappleideas is an ideal platform for people to get the right and actionable insights on managing equity, derivatives and personal finance matters. Our products and services are built upon the core principle of putting Client interest first-Safety and Appreciation of Capital.

Why join us?

  • Qualified and Experienced team - We are well qualified with over 5 decades of cumulative research experience- Our team has been analyzing markets right from 1989, delivering quality investment ideas (CashSlice), trading ideas (IndexSlice, IntradaySlice, FuturesSlice) and financial planning services (NetworthSlice)
  • Transparent - We are a transparent firm with highest ethical and business practices
  • Not Money Minded - Our only source of revenue is the reasonable subscription fee you pay for our advisory services
  • Not a Stock Broker - We don’t believe in churning your portfolio to generate brokerage revenue!
  • No False Promises - We do not make Sure shot or 100% accuracy claims
  • Disciplined - We believe in consistent mentoring and coaching right from Day 1 to keep you financially fit
  • Excellence - We follow rigorous processes to deliver timely updates and consistent performance!
  • Innovation Driven - Our innovation lab periodically rolls out Industry First financial well-being products

Let’s have the right finapple Slices in your daily diet

Give us a missed call on 022-41922444

The Team

With over 5 decades of cumulative experience in Equity Research, Financial Planning, Marketing, Technology, Operations & Distribution of financial services, we have a strong foundation to deliver the best services in the industry.

Team comprises of Chartered Accountants, CFPs ,MBAs, Technology heads with experience of working in senior positions with leading Banks, AMCs, financial services companies and stock exchanges.