Code of Conduct

In this long run of industries, every organization has to pursue some ethical values and compliance program which sets the direction for the entire business functions. Being into service Industry and a part of this long run, FINAPPLE IDEAS also carries its own values and principles which impacts organizational culture and its values.

FINAPPLE IDEAS, hereinafter referred to as "FI" draws its power and influence by two things which are:

  • Delivering Values to its customers our disciplined trading strategies with rational approach.
  • Clients Trust since we are here due to our customers, so their trust brought us to this level wherein we take pride to declare that we are amongst the best equity advisors in India which invests great deal into its research.

Rules and Principles are made to resolve or evade the conflicts since no unethical practices can be entertained by the company in order to its goodwill and reputation. At FINAPPLE IDEAS our rules and principles apply on everyone in the organization which embraces all the levels be it Top, Middle or Bottom, all are abide by these principles to adhere and obliged to portray themselves as per the company's code since we are highly rigid towards our norms, policies and principles to pursue.

FINAPPLE IDEAS staff must carry out themselves by the following rules:

  • Confidentiality: Among the Staffers and with the Customers while dealing, confidentiality is the factor which has to be undertaken at every step since we undergo with so many regular confidential information while dealing with the clients so an employee has no right to share, reveal or use any confidential information outside the company by breaching the norms of the company & trust of the client. Every application and software are highly secured and no employee is authorized to use it for personal usage.
  • Unauthorized to uphold Demat Account: No employee has the right to operate active Demat account since we believe in serving the clients instead of using the recommendation for own benefits. For avoiding any disreputable practices in future we are highly bound to carry out this norm.
  • Respect, Courteous & Unbiased: For any Finapple employee every client or individual carries the same Importance so any misconduct or offensive behavior is not at all bearable by the company. Every employee has to be very courteous and firm while dealing inside or outside the company since employee profoundly believes in complete handholding of the client with elegancy and gently although respect for every individual, wherein we commit to remain unbiased.
  • Authorized to share Company Recommendations: Every Finapple employee has right to share company recommendations and levels with the client as any recommendation which has been provided without the consent of our Research team is treated as "Personal Recommendation" which is highly prohibited and leads to punishment and severe actions. Moreover, FINAPPLE IDEAS strictly follow Trading Principles and Stop Loss Policy wherein Customer by default agrees to not do/enter any trade without Pre Informed/defined Stop Loss.

Hence, this code is mandatory to pursue in FINAPPLE IDEAS which may not cover the every ethical aspect which has to be uphold by every employee but it gives an overview and an indication which helps everyone to deal with the dilemma, when in doubt. Breaching the Code is CRIME at Finapple Ideas.